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Chiropractic Myths and Facts

Chiropractic Myths and Facts

There are a lot of myths circulating among the general public.  Times have definitely changed for the better, but the fact is that many people still do not understand what chiropractors do.  Click here to find out about some of the more common chiropractic care myths.
Chiropractic Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?  Your answer might be just a click away.  For a list of some common questions other patients have had click here.  If you still have questions, give Chiropractic Associates of Alachua a call and we will be happy to answers them for you.
Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for Americans to miss work.  Click here for information on back pain and ways to avoid back pain.
X-ray of Spine

Spinal Success

Your spine is supports your entire body and protects your spinal cord.  The brain communicates to your body through your spinal cord. When your spine is out of alignment, communication from your brain to the rest of your body becomes compromised.To learn how to protect your spine from injury click here.
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